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Founded in 2003, Maxtechnic, Inc. was started from the ground up with the forethought of serving small and medium sized businesses with advanced technologies and unparalled service that is custom tailored for your business.

About Us

We provide IT services that reduce corporate costs and allow our experienced and skilled technology professionals to execute critical project migration and implementation while avoiding the expense of maintaining a large in-house staff of expensive experts. IT outsourcing allows your company to focus attention and time on developing and delivering your core business while enjoying the benefits of our high-end IT support. Providing the right solution means bringing the technologies to you to help you succeed in today's economy and world marketplace. Every company is different, which is why we take the time to meet with you and discuss your needs. We can then work with you to form a plan to meet your business goals and budget. Whether you are looking for a short term project partner, or a long term support team, we can help. We service the south Florida as well as customers across the United States. Using our technology and the Internet as a conduit we can accommodate customer’s needs while keeping your costs manageable.







Why choose us

We are unique in a way that we enjoy developing a proactive relationship with our clients to make sure our services will
make the difference amongst others. We can help organization by lowering their IT cost. The total cost of an in house IT
department can be costly for any small / medium size businesses to maintain. Having to hire specific IT positions to execute
required tasks just to run a business can become overwhelming. We can provide a complete IT solution for your business for a
fraction of the cost. Our clients can and will benefit from our services while focusing on growing their business.

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